The Story of:


by Vicki Leach




The inspiration for Klipper developed as a solution for work related clutter at the desk.

I often found myself surrounded by carrier bags of lunch or rubbish, handbags at my feet and clothes getting walked across the floor. It became quite frustrating and irritating. I needed something that would separate my working space to personal belongings and without having coat hooks on the walls I still wanted to keep the items close by.

The design is modest and merely inspired by everyday bull dog clips. I like to think of it as a simple object aiming to make the average day a little better.




Made from sprung steel, the flexibility allows you to open the mouth up and clip it to whatever surface you like, provided it's thickness is not more than the back of the mouth - hence the option for two sizes. This material choice also stops the metal from being stretched from load and delightfully springs back into place comfortably.

Klipper has been found at the desks, on shelves and bedside drawers, holding up anything from umbrellas, rucksacks, headphones, hats, scarves and glue guns. The possibilities are endless and easily manipulated to your own needs.