The Story of:


by Vicki Leach

As technology has moved on, our ways of working has too. I'm still a big fan of pen and paper, however I also enjoy sketching on apps. These allow you to draw, paint, erase, zoom, undo, redo and offers you another means of creative output.

I'm a big fan of the app 'Paper' by FiftyThree and with this and a stylus, I would find myself trying (often in vain) to get straight lines, measured distances or perfect curves. The idea soon came about to use a ruler or protractor and without fail, these kept slipping on the perfectly smooth surface of my iPad. This problem isn't purely restricted to tablets as this also happened to me when sketching on standard paper. What was needed was some grip!



I looked around and couldn't find anything other than a stylus specifically for use with tablets, so I decided to create my own with the help of some rubber feet.

Geo is made from Walnut to add a classic classroom feel which is juxtaposed against the modern digital world. They are simple functional tools and at the same time elegant and delightful to use.