"As the London Design Festival opens this week, Deadgood Design Manager Vicki Leach gives an insight into the build up of a design event like LDF, and also the inspiration behind The "Deadgood Library" opening as part of The Shoreditch Design Triangle today at YCN.

How does the team prepare for a major event like the London Design Festival?

We tend to do two main trade shows a year - except this year where we've actually done three shows already with LDF on the horizon. It's been a busy year!

There are generally 4 stages of preparation

1. Looking at what products we're launching, have just launched and older collection pieces.

2. Considering where we're exhibiting - looking at the space, the surroundings etc. and thinking about how the products will fit in there.

3. Looking at who the target audience is for the exhibition and how we want them to interact with our exhibition.

4. Design, Prepare & Build."